Poultry Casserole with Tomatoes


1 Large Chicken
4 Medium sized onions cut into wedges
75 Grm. Butter
6 Large tomatoes skinned and diced (see tip)
1 Bay leaf
1 Bunch of mixed herbs, finely chopped
Salt and fresh ground pepper


Divide the chicken (or Pheasant if preferred) into portions.
Cook in a warmed casserole dish on a low heat with a lid on for 5-10 minutes.
Pour off the juices and set aside.
Fry the meat for 10-15 minutes uncovered until lightly golden, turning now and again to stop them from sticking.
Add a little of the reserved juices.
Fry the onion wedges in the butter for a few minutes until golden, pour on the rest of the liquid. or add some water.
Add to the meat together with the tomatoes and bay leaf. Cook the dish for about 30-40 minutes over a medium heat, add the herbs, season with salt and pepper and paprika, cook over the lowest possible heat for another 10 minutes.
Serve with fresh bread or potatoes.


To skin tomatoes cut a small cross in the top of each tomato, place in a dish and poor over boiling water. Leave for around 90 seconds, remove the peel.

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