March 2, 2024




ExhibitionsTrade Exhibitions

To assess your business potential and opportunities in the Russian market you can do no better than visit the exhibition in your field.

Russia has a strong tradition in using Trade Exhibitions as a purchasing and marketing tool.

At the Exhibition in Russia you will:

  • Meet your potential customers;
  • Check on the competition;
  • Get the feel of the vibrancy of your industry in the market;
  • Gain new ideas for your business;
  • Sore feet (we always recommend sturdy and comfortable shoes you are used to for a visit to Russia).

All can be done in 3 days and on a budget of less than £1700.

The Russia House will help you to:

  • Pinpoint the exhibition suited to the theme of your business;
  • Organise your visit:
  • Book your flight;
  • Arrange accommodation close to the exhibition site;
  • Have a car pick you up from the airport to the hotel;
  • Organise your invitation to exhibition;
  • Procure your business visa.

We would also suggest you instruct us to print your business cards with a Cyrillic script and a leaflet of your company printed in Russian. It is more likely to be read if it is in Russian and will prove to your potential clients that you are serious in your desire for Russian business.

There are over a 1000 trade exhibitions held in Russia every year – The Russia House can find the right one for you.

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